Sunday, February 8, 2009


So I got in SO much trouble and got my library privledges taken guys must think I'm ignoring you...Once again I am SO sorry!!I f you insist on knowing what i did that got me kicked out of the library program for...I think...two weeks? Well, we got the call from the Army and my dad tried to speak to me. When Jamie (the head person who shows couples who are thinking about adopting the kids) came to get me I refused to go and then she tried to force me and I punched her in the eye and said"You can't make me speak to that man!!! He didn't have to go and leave me here ALONE!!!" and THEN I started to cry...and NOW I'm seeing a shrink for kids...grr.

Hard times are hard yes...we got "the call" and we're waiting for another one this month...he's supposed to call once a month or if he's dead the head guy up there's supposed to call.

Iknow I'm not REALLY an orphan but they had no where else to send me and my little bro so we came to the orphanage.

I belive in hope