Sunday, January 25, 2009

Being new SUCKS!

Okay so I found out that on blogger you can't find ANYBODY unless conected.....this SUCKS! Okay...I know that technicaly I'm not an orphan...but I had no where to I live in an orphanage and people are not allowed to adopt me unless my dad dies...wee...

Did any of you figure out a signature for me yet???(e-mail address below...e-mail me if you have a good idea)


Seth said...

saying you're an orphan would mean that you accepted defeat that nobody cares about you. That there's no hope of a life.
I refused to accept that i was an orphan, and then my dad showed up.
things happen when you have hope, tamie.


Jillian said...

Hullo? Tamie, puhleeze! We support you, and this is ALL you give us? I offered u connections! I even tagged you, to get people heading this way! I even have my best friend Emma over here! (Emma=Emj13). So, put your mind to it, and kick our butts! People won't follow your blog, if after a few posts you begin to complain about "connections". I didn't have a huge connection! Sure, Emma got me into it, but it's not like she handed me followers! She didn't even mention me.

So, I wanna see something witty, okay?
I hope your not ticked off at me, or anything? Are you? I'm sorry, I should be more gentle, but I just wanted to give it to you straight. I'm a bit outspoken, but I hope you can deal with it.
Okay? You show promise. Give me something to brag about, and I will sell your blog to my 24 other followers.

Limer said...

How about the TAMINATIOR?