Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New gadgets! you can see I added some new gadgets.Follower, cartoon of the day, and Some More About Me (at the bottom). Feel free to check it out! My brother Lucas says hi...he's only four. He has blond hair and most of his teeth...I think if not all of his teeth. He's cute but annoying at right now!

The whole orphanage got to watch the Inauguration today. "How exciting!"...= /

My pen pal went to see it...she probably was all the way by the Monument!

Well talk to you later...

(p.s. I need a signiture at the end of my posts and comments, got any idea's?)


Jillian said...

Okay, cool!
As your first follower, I hold a important position, as your blogger mentor, as did my first follower/editor Charlotte. Not trying to make myself sound important or anything, but I really want to help you out.

I started my blog out of boredom. I had no clue I would have 18 followers. I actually didn't even think about followers.

Okay, an important thing is, hook your readers.
There is no reason, that, if you go to the library daily, you can't have a daily blog. Those usually turn over the best, bc no one likes waiting.

I also tagged you. You need to go check it out on my blog. It will explain more. Other people I tagged may get curious about other people's tag results, and may look up your blog.

Okay, enough mentoring for a day.
Do you miss your Dad?
I know I would miss mine to death.
Technically, you are not an orphan, you know that right? Just bc you live in an orphanage, it doesn't make you an orphan, cos your Dad is still alive.

Well, I'm here anytime.

Kansas said...

hey whats up? i am your 2nd follower check out my blog and about the sig. i think something funny like thank you and good night i KNOW that is retarded but still anyway i will stop talking now

Angel Wings said...

Hey Girl! Did you know that I live in Florida TOO! And I LOVE Will Smith! Read my profile...we're like twins

<8 )>

Seth said...

hey that's how it is with me too. my mom died. And so did my sister last year when she was eleven. my dad left when i was six, so i went into foster homes, not an orphanage.

but currently I'm in arizona with my dad who kidnapped me and my foster sister so i could kill some dude in russia with a bomb. *shrugs*

nice to see there's someone out there like me!